XFL Welcomes CamGuard as a Title Sponsor for the 2019 Season.

Let’s face it folks, we spend a lot of money on our boats, motors and gear so we can do what we love to do every chance Momma gives us!  We all know those new 4 Stroke motors hanging off the back of our boats are expensive as you know what.  That thing goes down all you see are dollar bills flying out of your pocket.

Also, those gas or diesel vehicles we use to haul our prized possessions all over Oklahoma?  CamGuard has you covered. Heck! CamGuard, unfortunately, is gonna keep your lawnmower chugging and cutting for a long time too!  Do you have an airplane?  Yep!  CamGuard has your back there as well.

CamGuard is the Solution to Corrosion, Wear, Deposits and Seal Degradation.

CamGuard has you covered whether it’s Aviation, Automotive, HD Diesel, Marine or Small Engine.

CamGuard Marine is a blend of high performance additives that fortify gasoline and diesel marine motor oils to provide the utmost protection for your engine.  CamGuard spared no expense in developing their line of products to protect your investment and give you some peace of mind.

CamGuard Marine delivers uncompromised performance using the most advanced additive technology available to prevent corrosion, dramatically reduce wear, friction, protect seals and decrease deposit formation within your engine.

What does all that mean?  That means CamGuard is a key ingredient to keeping you on the water, the road, in the air and cuttin’ the grass!

What does that mean for the XFL and you?  Big Bass Money!  The kind you no longer have to spend on you motor and that fills your pocket until momma and the kids find it!

See one of the CamGuard guys at each event or ask one of the XFL staff folks to help get your hands on one of the best additives you can get to keep your motor runnin’!