Grand Tournament Procedures

With the social distancing guidelines, this tournament will be a drive through weigh in. Please do not gather at the weigh in site. After weighing your fish and receiving your weigh slip, please leave the tournament facilities. We need everyone to help us follow this process, so that we can continue to hold tournaments.

  • All contestants must unload at Wolf Creek. You can leave the ramp after unloading and start fishing at your designated flights start time.
  • DO NOT park in the small parking lot, as we will be using this as a drive during weigh in.
  • Afternoon check in will be at the American Flag on the end of the dock. You must be checked in by your designated check in time. As a reminder, the late penalty is 1 lb per minute late.
  • All contestants must load their boat prior to weighing their fish.
  • Only load your boat at your designated time unless there is an emergency.

After loading your boat in the afternoon, have one person stay in the boat and follow the arrows on the map below. If you need a weigh bag, one will be placed in the boat at the weigh bag area along the route. Continue to follow the arrows until you reach the designaged area for bagging your fish. After hooking up the boat and bagging your fish, have one person stay in the boat and follow the arrows to the weigh trailer. Upon arriving at the weigh trailer, hand your bag of fish to the staff member. Stay in the vehicle/boat, once the fish are weighed a staff member will bring you your weigh slip. Please leave the tournament facility at this time.

We will have our live leader board active on our website so that everyone can see the results as they are weighed.

Boat draw will be done the night before the tournament around 6:30pm. The following will be the fishing times for this tournament.

Flight Fishing Start Time Check in Time
1st Flight 6:10 2:10
2nd Flight 6:30 2:30
3rd Flight 6:50 2:50
4th Flight 7:10 3:10