Three Forks Harbor

Our second event in the South division will be this Sunday May 6th out of Three Forks Harbor in Muskogee. We will be on site Saturday from noon until 6 PM taking entries. All of the pools will be in play for this event…the only off limits will be the Harbor itself (see map on web site). Boat check again, will be done as you idle by at take off. Please have your live wells open and your light in and on as you come by.

Grand Lake April 22, 2018

Grove, OK – The XFL Extreme Fishing League entered the half-way point of the season with it’s 3rd tournament held on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees.  After what seemed like a never-ending cycle of gale force winds and cold temperatures that had plagued our region since the first part of March, the anglers were FINALLY given a half-way decent weekend to fish.  Rain moved into the area on Saturday night but let up enough at take-off on Sunday morning to allow the 133 teams to get to their starting spots in relative comfort.  Light rain off and on all day made things a bit damp, but the temps were in the low 60s and the wind didn’t blow 40 mph making for a comfortable day of fishing.
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Grand Lake

We will be set up to take entries at the ramp beginning at Noon on Saturday. Due to the rain, we will be using the meeting room in the pavilion just next to the restrooms. Look for the weigh trailer that will be parked in front of the overhead door at the pavilion.

Take off on Sunday will be a single file drive by take off starting at approximately 6:35 AM. We will not be doing live well checks as you launch. We will check your live wells as you idle by us at take-off.

Simply idle by us as we call your number, with your live well lids open, and your running lights on. Then idle out to the no wake buoy and take off. Boat check in the afternoon will be at the no wake buoy.

Grand Lake April 22nd

Our second stop in the North Division will be this Sunday on Grand Lake out of Wolf Creek. We will be set up at Wolf Creek on Saturday from Noon until 6 PM taking entries. We will be set up next to the rest room pavilion, so look for the weigh trailer. You can still enter at Blackbeard’s in Tulsa, or online via the web site.