XFL – Extreme Fishing League

Oklahoma's #1 Team Tournament Trail

XFL – Extreme Fishing League - Oklahoma's #1 Team Tournament Trail

Jack (Barney) Barnes

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the death of our good friend and longest serving staff member of the Skeeter trail. Jack (Barney) Barnes passed away this morning after a long fight with cancer. Join us in praying for his family during this tough time in their lives.

Jack will be missed by all of us at XFL. His humor kept us all going on tough days…godspeed my friend.

Grand Lake Rescheduled for September

We have rescheduled the Grand event that was postponed due to high water this spring. The event will be held on September the 17th out of Martin Landing. As we said all along, it’s impossible to reschedule a event for this lake without stepping on someone else’s toes. We know that there are other events that weekend, we know that there will be a lot of boats on the water, we know that Wolf Creek is spoken for…we know that its not perfect, but we are left with no choice but this date. As always, you can pay and not fish, and still be eligible for the championship. Keep an eye on the web site for more information to come.

Ft. Gibson Reminders

This event will be a 4 fish limit! DO NOT bring more than 4 fish to the tank, and you must cull after you reach your limit.

Take off will be about 6:15 AM.

Take care of your fish! Use ice if necessary, change your water out occasionally, leave your aerators running.

If you launch at Taylor’s Ferry, you may load your boat before weighing your fish.

You must idle under all bridges.

Off limits will be the area between the two boat ramps. DO NOT cast into the off limits area. (see web site for picture).


Kingston, OK –  After what seemed like an eternity, the  XFL-Extreme Fishing League finally got to hold  a regularly scheduled tournament.  Torrential rains pounded Oklahoma from late April through early May causing the lakes in NE Oklahoma to reach record levels forcing the tournament directors to reschedule the Grand and Ft. Gibson tournaments.  Continue reading