Grand Lake April 22nd

Our second stop in the North Division will be this Sunday on Grand Lake out of Wolf Creek. We will be set up at Wolf Creek on Saturday from Noon until 6 PM taking entries. We will be set up next to the rest room pavilion, so look for the weigh trailer. You can still enter at Blackbeard’s in Tulsa, or online via the web site.

South Division – Eufaula, April 8, 2018

Eufaula, OK – Hello fellow fishermen and welcome to another installment of the XFL-Extreme Fishing League.  With the first tournament of the North Division on the Arkansas River drawing only about 100 boats, I was beginning to wonder if that was an indicator of things to come.  Thankfully, I was wrong and 173 teams entered the 1st event of the South Division.  It was good to see many familiar faces, but even more encouraging, was seeing many new faces.  For those of you reading this who are first timers to the XFL, we welcome you.  If you ever run into me on the water, at the boat ramp, etc. and have any questions or anything please don’t hesitate to ask.  I will be more than happy to help you out other than tell you where I’m catching my fish! HAHA! For those who have fished XFL in the past, welcome back. We are glad to see you again.
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The first event in the XFL South division this Sunday at Eufaula. We will be set up at Peter’s Point on Saturday from noon until 6 PM taking entries. You can still enter online or drop off entries to Blackbeard in Tulsa.

We will be doing a single file take off from the dock at Peter’s Point (boat check will not be done at the ramps or pontoon boat). After you launch your boat, stage in the back of the creek and wait for safe light. You will come by the dock with your running lights on, live well lids open, and live wells running. You will then idle out to the no wake buoy at the mouth of the creek before putting your boat on pad.

Boat check-in, in the afternoon will be at the mouth of the creek in the afternoon…Look for the boat with the flag on the back deck.