Ft. Gibson moved to Grand

Due to the high rising water on Ft. Gibson, the June 7th tournament has been moved to Grand Lake going out of Wolf Creek.

For anyone who has entered Ft. Gibson and chooses not to fish Grand, please send an email to info@fishxfl.com for a full refund.

We are continuing to work the details for the tournament to maintain social distancing. Details of the social distancing guidelines will be posted Sunday.

Ft. Gibson Update

Due to rising water at Gibson, we are trying to move this event to Grand Lake. We will get conformation tomorrow if the permit is approved. We will do our best to not cancel this event. We will update this Friday night.

Ft. Gibson – June 7th

We have received confirmation from the Corps of Engineers that we are good to go with our June 7th Tournament on Ft. Gibson out of Taylor’s Ferry North.

We will be taking extra social distancing measures for this tournament.

Additionally, we encourage those participating to enter online and pay via Paypal to assist with the social distancing. As always, no meeting and takeoff information will be sent via text, if possible and posted on the website.

If you do prefer to pay on-site, please practice social distancing.

We will provide updates here on our website as we finalize the social distancing components for this tournament.