Fish Care 101- Study it!

XFL Fish Care 101

1. Livewells should be filled early in the morning when surface water is the coolest. You can then periodically add ice, if needed, to maintain the cool water temperature throughout the day. This will increase the oxygen carrying capacity of the water in your livewell and reduce heat stress on the fish. After filling your livewell with cool water add the appropriate amount of G-Juice as outlined on the bottle and turn your aerator on to saturate the water with oxygen prior to catching your first fish. Preparing your livewell prior to takeoff will save you time and preserve the weight of your catch.

2. Never throw fish into the boat as this may cause internal injury. Keep fish off the carpet at all times. Carpet fibers can remove the slime coat on contact, causing unnecessary stress to the fish. Always wet the measuring board before measuring a fish. This will reduce the board temperature and also prevent damage to the slime coat. Never use culling rings or balance beams that puncture fish. Practice procedures for deep hook removal, there are many good articles available online.

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XFL Make up Events are Scheduled

Arkansas River- July 26th- Three Forks

Fish care will need to be a priority with every boat. Ice will be required, no exceptions.

Ft. Gibson- August 23rd- Taylor’s Ferry North

Fish care will need to be a priority with every boat. Ice will be required, no exceptions.

More details will follow. As always, we will be on site on the Saturday before each event taking entries from noon until 6 PM.

The Championship (Eufaula) date is still the same, NO changes. The original make up date we had set in September will not be used.

XFL Make up Dates

Tentative dates for make up tournaments pending permit approval:

Arkansas River- July 26th

Ft. Gibson- August 23rd

Note that these are not set in stone until we have permits in hand.