Texoma Explanation

To clarify yesterdays post:

1) If you fished two events in the South division, you are qualified for the championship.

2) If you paid for Texoma, you do not lose your money. Simply email us for a refund, or ask us to roll it to Gibson or the Championship.

3) If you only fished one event prior to Texoma, you will need to “buy” Texoma, or fish Gibson to qualify.

Hopefully this clarifies better what the original post said. Feel free to email us with any questions.

Texoma Canceled tournament update:

Due to calendar and permit restrictions, we will not make up the canceled event on Texoma. Those teams who were entered at the time of the cancelation will receive a bye for the canceled event. While we would love for all of you in the South Division to fish the Gibson event, you don’t have to.

You will have the following choices:
1) Take the bye
2) Move your entry to Ft. Gibson on July 9th and fish.
3) Ask for a refund and not receive the bye.
4) Move your entry fee to the championship (if you already fished 3 events) and have a $100 balance.

Those of you who have fished more than 3, you have multiple choices as what to do.

Those of you who pre-paid for the entire year in both divisions can, and will receive a refund for the Texoma event. Email us a request for a refund.

Those of you who entered Texoma as your first event (new teams), can ask for a refund, or roll it to Gibson.

All requests to move or refund entries, must be sent in an email (no text, no calls) to: info@fishxfl.com no later than Monday July 2nd.

Thank you for understanding, and feel free to email us with any questions.

Texoma Event Cancelled

At the request of local and state authorities, we are cancelling the Texoma event due to a accident on Roosevelt bridge, and a chemical spill into Lake Texoma at Catfish Bay. To give local and state authorities the room they need to clean up the spill, recover the semi tractor, and re-open the bridge, we will stay clear of the lake and let them do their jobs. More information to come on our web site.

Texoma Event June 24th

Our next event for 2018 will be this Sunday on Texoma out of Catfish Bay. Be sure to check the web site for off-limits areas, and rules. We will be onsite at Catfish Bay on Saturday from Noon until 6 PM taking entries. We will be set up by the pavilion just below the State Park office. Take off will be at approx. 6 AM Sunday morning.