Arkansas River July 28th

We have rescheduled the cancelled event on the Arkansas River for Sunday July 28th. If you already paid for the cancelled event, your entry has been rolled over to this event. Sorry for the late summer date, but it was the only weekend that did not conflict with other local events. If we did schedule on top of someone else, we apologize…make up dates are hard to come by. More details to come as we get closer to the date.

Arkansas River Tournament for May 5th Postponed to later date

As expected, the Corp of Engineers have estimated the water flow in the river to be above safe levels on tournament day. Along with this, they expect more floaters and debris to be in the river by Sunday. We made an attempt to move the event to Gibson, but were told that it would be at least 16′ high by Sunday morning. Erring on the side of safety, we chose to cancel the tournament. We will reschedule this event for either late June or early July on the River out of Three Forks Harbor. If you had already paid an entry, it will be rolled to the new date or refunded.

Arkansas River Update

We are monitoring the conditions of the river daily. With the rain that has dropped in the area the past few days, and the rising water levels, we are getting reports of a lot of floaters and trash in the main river. We are in contact with the Corp and lock masters, and will make a decision soon as to what we can, or will do. Just as soon as we know, we will notify you by text (if you are registered), via the web site, and on the Bass Zone.