XFL Championship – Day 2

Day 2 Same Takeoff Number – Reverse Flight Order

Take-off Number      Start Fishing            Afternoon check-in

67 – 86                                6:45 am                  2:45 pm

45 – 66                                7:00 am                  3:00 pm

23 – 44                                7:15 am                  3:15 pm

1 – 22                                  7:30 am                  3:30 pm

Championship Trailering Rules

The Championship will be a trailering event as previously discussed.

TRAILERING TO AND BACK (ONE IN, ONE OUT): You can only launch once…you cannot move by land once launched, except to return to weigh-in. 3 Forks Harbor basin is off limits!

Flight Assignments: (No Boat may not leave their ramp area of choice any earlier than 15 minutes prior to their start time).

Take-off Number      Start Fishing            Afternoon check-in

1 – 22                                6:45 am                  2:45 pm

23 – 44                              7:00 am                   3:00 pm

45 – 66                           7:15 am                   3:15 pm

67 +                               7:30 am                   3:30 pm

NO TEAM have any rights to any water prior to designated start time. If two boats from the same start-time arrive at the same spot, neither has priority. You will simply have to share in the fishing spot.

5 Fish Limit. It will be your responsibility to keep your fish alive! There may be a line at the weigh tanks, so it is imperative that you keep you fish in your live wells until a bag is available. Ice and frozen plastic containers will be your friend at this event. Read and know the fish care rules posted on the web site.

SUNDAY MORNING: You do not need to come to 3 Forks Harbor. You may drive straight to your boat ramp. You may ask another team to check your live wells.

ALLOWED FISHING AREAS: You may fish only the water of the Arkansas River allowed by law within 2 locks up, or 1 lock down from 3 Forks Harbor. You may only fish water that is assessable from the Arkansas River. Back water that is not assessable from the main river will be off limits. You may not launch from any area that is not open to all competitors to launch.

AFTERNOON BOATS RETURNING BY WATER: Will be checked in at the entrance to 3 Forks Harbor. Boats will be considered checked in once reaching the staff member on the walk way. Let the staff member know your TEAM number.

BOATS OPTING TO TRAILER: (One Time Only), You must be checked in or in line at the entrance to the park by your check in time. XFL staff personnel will direct you to the parking lot. They will ask for your TEAM number (not take off number), so know it! It is most important that we clear the highway. After parking your truck be ready to bag your fish (when bags are available) and immediately go to the holding tanks.

POLYGRAPH: You will be asked the following questions (plus others)- 1) Did you leave the ramp earlier than 15 minutes prior? 2) Was your live well empty on launch? 3) Did you fish within the 2 locks up or 1 lock down? 4) Did you start fishing prior to your start fishing time?

XFL Championship Update

This weekend will be the 2021 XFL Championship on the Arkansas River. You can still enter via PayPal or by dropping off your entry at Blackbeard in Tulsa. We will be at the ramp on Friday from Noon until 6 PM taking entries. If you don’t see your team as qualified, and you think you are, please feel free to call or text us at 918-401-0069 to verify.