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Gibson Update

Tomorrow’s event will be a drive by take off. Take off will be at 6 AM. As we call your number, idle by Drivers Side to the courtesy dock with your live well lids open. Weigh in times for tomorrows event will be:

1st Flight- 2:00
2nd Flight- 2:20
3rd Flight- 2:40
4th Flight- 3:00

The limit for tomorrow will be 4 (four) fish.

Livewell Management

1. Livewell should be filled early in the morning while the upper foot of surface water is at its coolest temperature. Add the appropriate amount of RejuvenadeTM necessary to treat the volume of water in your livewell and start your aerator running in order to oxygen load the livewell water before catching the first fish. After the first fish is caught, the aerator should run continuously throughout the day (the aerator pump should not use any more power than a through hull pump).
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