Captains Chronicles

Event #1 Grand Lake

Grove, OK – Welcome fisherman to the first installment of the 2015 XFL-Extreme Fishing League presented by Skeeter Boats.  It was deja vu all over again.  The 2014 and 2015 openers saw very similar water conditions: COLD and clear.  Mother Nature teased us with a major warming trend in early February.  The fish were biting and this first tournament was shaping up to be a slug fest.  Continue reading Event #1 Grand Lake

XFL Championship

Eufaula, OK – The XFL-Extreme Fishing League presented by Skeeter Boats held it’s 2014 season ending championship on October 18 & 19 on sprawling, windswept Lake Eufaula.  123 teams were greeted with cloudy, cool, foggy, rainy and windy conditions for this event.  Typically, these kind of conditions lead to good catches.  However, Lake Eufaula proved one tough nut to crack for the field.  The weeks leading up to this event were an omen in that it was only taking 25 lbs+/- to win two-day events. Despite the favorable “fish catching” conditions,  Eufaula continued to be stingy with its fish.  Only 22 two-day limits were weighed with only a total of 346 fish for the entire event. Many anglers were left scratching their heads wondering why fishing was so tough.  However, as always one team figured out the tough bite and bested the entire field.  Continue reading XFL Championship

Grand Lake – March 9, 2014

Grove, OK –  Seems like yesterday we were finishing up the 2013 season on Grand Lake.  My how time flies when you are having fun; or like me, are getting old.  I guess time is flying because I am getting old.  It’s certainly not due to me having fun catching fish, I can assure you that! I’ve fished a total of 5 days on Grand Lake and have yet to have a bite.  Most of the people I’ve talked to have experienced the same thing:  No bites.  Continue reading Grand Lake – March 9, 2014

XFL Championship

Grove, OK, – The XFL-Extreme Fishing League presented by Skeeter Boats held it’s 2013 Championship on Grand Lake out of Wolf Creek Park on October 12 & 13, 2013.  Prior to this event fishing had been fairly tough on Grand with a 15 lb. stringer being considered a “good sack”.  However, if a team could break the 15 lb. mark they would stand a good chance to win.  Grand is famous for it’s shallow, early fall square bill crankbait and topwater bite, especially if the weather is overcast and/or rainy.  The 142 teams that participated in this event were given just those conditions.  Continue reading XFL Championship